The homework exercises and notes contained on this site were originally submitted by the homework volunteers on Yahoogroups GlyphStudy List, coordinated by Karen McCollam, and are reproduced here with their kind permission.

GlyphStudy is a subsidiary list for the Allen GlyphStudy Group on AEL.

AEL (Ancient Egyptian Language) is a large Ancient Egyptian discussion list moderated by Mark Wilson, who graciously hosts our study group.

The answers, and corrections to the exercises come from the members of both lists, and I want to thank them here for their willingness to answer our questions and contribute to our study of Middle Egyptian.

Please excuse any errors or inaccuracies I may have introduced in formatting text, and don't hesitate to alert me to any errors so I may correct them.

My email is:

mmoglia at mettetevicomodi dot it

Please excuse the absence of a link, I have not written out my email in an attempt to minimize spam. You will need to replace "at," and "dot" with the correct punctuation when you write me.




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